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Fred Simon Remember the River (Naim Audio 180g LP)
商品名稱:Fred Simon Remember the River (Naim Audio 180g LP)
價格:NT$ 1,100
貨號: LP086
出貨時程: 2-3 天

Remember The River is Fred Simon's eagerly awaited second album for The Naim Label. It sees Fred in a trio setting once again, this time accompanied by the musical alchemists Paul McCandless on reeds and Steve Rodby on double bass.

Fred wrote each track on the disc, injecting his sense of beautiful musicality into every inch of the score. The piano sounds as light as a feather under his touch, the bass a perfect complement in Steve's hands. Paul's floating and innovative sound has the effect of transporting the whole composition to a higher plane.

For years, Paul has played with the relentlessly innovative group, Oregon, winning many awards and nominations for his playing. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist, as can be seen by reading his list of involvement on Remember The River.

Bassist and co-producer of the Pat Metheny Group, Steve Rodby has won several Grammys for his work. His rapport with the bass is second to none, easily coaxing out a deep and wondrously rich sound; smooth yet authoritative.

This disc is a True Stereo recording by Ken Christianson. It was recorded live with two microphones.

Track Listing
1.Kore (O Love, Where are you Leading me now?)7:08
2.Remember the River5:12
3.Double Dream3:57
4.December Together3:45
5.Time Will Tell4:07
7.Folk Songs of the Cold War4:48
8.Listen to the Colour of your Dreams, part 13:19
9.Miracle Enough6:44
10.Listen to the Colour of your Dreams, part 23:03
Total Time:55:15

奈姆唱片:音樂選輯第二集( 180 克 LP )
Naim Label:The Music Collection VOLUME 2



NT$ 1,100
1 x '奈姆唱片:音樂選輯第二集( 180 克 LP )<br>Naim Label:The Music Collection VOLUME 2'
【線上試聽】瓊.拜雅- 鬥牛場上的鑽石與灰燼 ( 200 克 LP )
Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust in the Bullring

★ 音響論壇劉漢盛先生「總編私房軟體」推薦!

★ 嗓音醇厚純淨有如天籟的民謠天后,跨越大西洋彼岸以西班牙語呈現的精采演出!

★ 發燒友必備的經典名盤,由 Kevin Gray 以原始母帶重新製作、200g 黑膠發燒呈獻!

NT$ 1,179
1 x '【線上試聽】瓊.拜雅- 鬥牛場上的鑽石與灰燼 ( 200 克 LP )<br>Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust in the Bullring'
LSC-2341 聖桑︰第三號交響曲「管風琴」/ 孟許 指揮 波士頓交響樂團 (200克 LP)
Saint-Saens : Symphony No.3 Organ

★ 全新到貨,數量有限,欲購從速。

★RCA 傳奇的 Living Stereo 系列黑膠唱片中絕對不可錯過的一張經典,極低頻的超級示範天碟!

★黑膠達人、RCA 唱片專家、The Golden Era of RCA Records 作者 James A. Mitchell 評選10分高度評價,超寬頻寬、超大動態、立體音像飽滿、現場堂音充分,發燒級的錄音水準!

NT$ 1,179
1 x 'LSC-2341 聖桑︰第三號交響曲「管風琴」/ 孟許 指揮 波士頓交響樂團 (200克 LP)<br>Saint-Saens : Symphony No.3 Organ'
柴可夫斯基:胡桃鉗組曲 ( 180 克 2LPs )
安塞美 指揮 瑞士羅曼德管弦樂團
Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker
Ernest Ansermet / L’Orchestre de La Suisse Romande

★ 鮮活熱鬧、充滿童趣的芭蕾組曲!

★ 企鵝三星帶花,重臨現場的讚嘆!

NT$ 2,160
1 x '柴可夫斯基:胡桃鉗組曲 ( 180 克 2LPs )<br>安塞美 指揮 瑞士羅曼德管弦樂團<br>Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker <br>Ernest Ansermet / L’Orchestre de La Suisse Romande'
史汀—迷宮之歌 「約翰‧道蘭的音樂與詩歌」(180克 LP)
STING Songs from the Labyrinth

☆ 德國 clearaudio 發行 180 克 LP

NT$ 1,200
1 x '史汀—迷宮之歌 「約翰‧道蘭的音樂與詩歌」(180克 LP)<br>STING Songs from the Labyrinth'

產品上架時間 2006 十二月 25 週一.

客戶群組 : Guest
含稅價格 : 所有價格含稅

R. E. M. 合唱團:音速青春(180g 45 轉 2LP + CD)
R. E. M.: Accelerate
NT$ 1,280 NT$ 820

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J. S. Bach/Martin Zeller