J. S. Bach/Martin Zeller
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【CR 絕版名片】霍瑞斯.席佛:霍瑞斯.席佛的冒險之旅 ( 200 克 LP )<br>Horace Silver:「Further Explorations By The Horace Silver Quintet」
商品名稱:【CR 絕版名片】霍瑞斯.席佛:霍瑞斯.席佛的冒險之旅 ( 200 克 LP )
Horace Silver:「Further Explorations By The Horace Silver Quintet」

價格:NT$ 1,480
貨號: BN 1589
出貨時程: 2-3 天

☆  AMG 四顆星高度評價

☆  Blue Note鋼琴一哥五重奏經典之作

☆  硬式咆哮(Hard-Pop)的最好參考

     在眾多Blue Note旗下的藝人中,Horace Silver無疑是最被厚愛的一人,不但是鋼琴的一哥,期間更發行了超過四十張個人專輯,可見他多元的背景創造出獨樹一格的遠奏技巧受人肯定,唱片也受到廣大樂迷的好評。然而Horace Silver能有此成績,也在於他能為爵士樂開創新局,可以說是硬式咆哮樂風的開創者與重要推手。此外,他也是個很好的樂團領導者,在經過早期加入「爵士信差」(The Jazz Messengers)後,創造了以自己為名的五重奏,旗下的成員個個都是一等一的好手,知名度在後世雖然並未如「爵士信差」響亮,但無論演奏的風格與音樂的內涵都足以與其相抗衡。

     本張作品可以說是一窺此樂團音樂全貌的最好參考之一,除了可感受到咆哮與硬式咆哮銜接期的融合樂風外,甚至加入了放克元素,聽起來更加多元有趣,更厲害的是可觀察出Horace Silver扮演好領導者的角色,能夠適時的做球給樂團成員,讓他們大展其音樂才華,最後再以自己的琴音加以統合,即時錄音已是四十年前,現在聽來還是令人興奮不已。


Side A :

1. Outlaw
2. Melancholy Mood
3. Pyramid

Side B:
1. Moon Rays
2. Safari
3. Ill Wind

Continuing the major groove that pianist Silver had established at Blue Note, this 1958 release finds trumpeter-extraordinaire Art Farmer and Clifford Jordan’s tenor sax on the front-line assault. Rounding out the five are drummer Louis Hayes and bassist Teddy Kotick. Silver penned five new exciting pieces for these sessions including The Outlaw, Melancholy Mood, Pyramid, Moon Rays and Safari while also tailoring a personal arrangement of the Arlen-Koehler standard Ill Wind. Both hornists get the chance to really stretch out in Silver’s writing. Farmer’s prowess was already well established but both Jordan’s time and recordings with Silver jump-started his career to other echelons including as leader on his own recordings for Blue Note. Mastered and cut from the original FULL TRACK mono master tapes using a full track mono tape head and ALL TUBE tape electronics and cutting system allowed Bernie "BeBop" Grundman to extract every nuance on the tapes which adds to the magic of this Rudy Van Gelder recording. This is the real deal and it is done perfectly from mastering through to the authentic laminated cover art (front only) to the "deep groove" in the center label. If you didn't know better you would think that a copy of this reissue is a perfect original that has been locked in a time capsule instead of another installment in the acclaimed Classic Records Signature Blue Note Mono LP series pressed on Classic’s 200g Super Vinyl Profile.

戴夫‧布魯貝克-再續節奏實驗(180 克LP)
Dave Brubeck / Time Further Out
( 線上試聽 )

★ 學院派鋼琴巨匠戴夫‧布魯貝克繼「Time Out」之後又一精彩作品,再展爵士創新節拍新頁。

★ 企鵝爵士評鑑★★★推薦,AMG(All Music Guide)音樂網站★★★★☆四星半高度評價。

NT$ 1,200
1 x '戴夫‧布魯貝克-再續節奏實驗(180 克LP)<br>Dave Brubeck / Time Further Out<br>( 線上試聽 )'

產品上架時間 2007 七月 05 週四.

客戶群組 : Guest
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J. S. Bach/Martin Zeller