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【CR 絕版名片】Who Came First / Pete Townshend (200克LP)
商品名稱:【CR 絕版名片】Who Came First / Pete Townshend (200克LP)
價格:NT$ 1,380
貨號: 2408 201
出貨時程: 2-3 天

Pete Townshend's first solo album is a homespun, charming forum for low-key, personal songs that weren't deemed suitable for The Who, as well as spiritual paeans (direct and indirect) to his spiritual guru Meher Baba. Who fans will be immediately attracted by the presence of a couple of songs from the aborted Who concept album Lifehouse (much of which ended up on Who's Next), "Pure & Easy" and "Let's See Action." The Who did eventually release their own versions of both those songs. This record shows a folkier and gentler side to The Who's chief muse. "Sheraton Gibson" is a neat tune about rock & roll road life, and "Time Is Passing" takes very subtle inspiration from Baba. Most of the rest of the album contains some of the most unusual pieces Townshend has released: his acoustic cover of Jim Reeves' "There's A Heartache Following Me" (recorded because it was one of Baba's favorite tunes), "Evolution" (which is actually pretty much a solo track by his buddy Ronnie Lane of The Faces), "Parvardigar" (adapted from Baba's Universal Prayer), and "Content" (a philosophical poem by Maud Kennedy that Townshend put to music). Transferred from the two track 1/4 analog masters on the Bernie Grundman all tube cutting system and pressed on Classics 200g QUIEX Super Vinyl Profile.


1.Pure & Easy
3.Forever's Not Me At All
4.Let's See Action
5.Time Is Passing
7.Sheraton Gibson

產品上架時間 2009 十一月 28 週六.

客戶群組 : Guest
含稅價格 : 所有價格含稅

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